Protection of assets: inheritance and passage

The protection of one’s own assets is a very important aspect.

About 8% of the total population makes a testamentary succession. Why’? Certainly nobody thinks willingly to their succession, a little ‘for superstition and a little’ because we feel “immortal” and the more we are young the more we refer these thoughts and goes on with the years, trying to “exorcise” the event. In reality, the protection of one’s own assets has no age and is always current for everyone. The family is an increasingly complex reality. In the past years the families were purely patriarchal, now we live in an era that sees the decrease of married couples with children, while those unmarried with children are increasing. The propensity for marriage has diminished and about 33% of marriages end with separation. For these reasons, having transformed the composition of the various families, it is appropriate to protect one’s own patrimony according to their status: in marriage, at the time of succession it is certain that the spo anduse is also included in the inheritance (if in life naturally), while in a cohabitation, the companion is not included in the succession.

Often, we do not know how to deal with the subject of inheritance and the generational passage of one’s own wealth. Surely, however, one would not want his assets, laboriously built, to be, in the process of succession, affected by important tax levies. Likewise, one would gladly avoid having his family obligated to sell property to deal with previous debts or the impossibility for months / years to access the assets blocked by the succession procedure or by any creditors. Rather it would be nice to ensure a perfect equality to their children in the hereditary phase to prevent the occurrence of successive contests or to protect that / the partner with whom there was a link even if not formally regulated by marriage. 
I invite wisely to become aware of it and decide what to do, also because if we do not think about it in person, the State will take care of it directly for us.

Proper financial and equity advice starts with the mapping of the family and then with the rest of the needs.

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